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For the Women Nearly Divine

Published by Sebastião Verly in Special Dates
data: 06/03/2020

Women were made to be loved, period. The rest is complementary or routine. From early on, young girls dream of their prince charming, of better days, of good friends and parents, of sincere loving in all the ways of love.

Women enchant us ever since early age. Just look at all the girly games and playfulness, such grace and beauty! They seem happier thanboys. Whoever has seen girls running barefoot, playing jump-rope –do they do that anymore? –or playing hopscotch, or marbles like they did in my day, senses that they are entirely different beings.

Whether more outgoing or reserved, once they begin to blossom in adolescence, they turn upside-down the heads and hearts of those who fall for them. They learn to kiss, cuddle and have crushes in a way only known to them. At home, they have an affectionate way of helping out with chores and they seem to be kinder to their parents, siblings and later on with their own nephews and children. They are better behaved, more discreet, show more respect to their elders and solidarity towards their peers.

At school they do everything to be good students. They are perfectionists and illustrative in their projects. Their notebooks always receive flowers and other ornaments. As time goes by, they want to study more and more, and today hold the majority in the Universities. Once in a while, when conscience or desire demands it, they practice minor but courageous rebellions. Girls, ladies and women learn to maintain loftiness and integrity, accomplishing everything that they aspire toby their own merit.

In marriage, women are generally the balanced ones. They are lovable to the husband’s side of the family, with their children and colleagues. They give good advice on all matters. They know how to care for and receive caring, as long it is spontaneous and sincere, always using their “sixth sense”. They are more loyal, by nature, but love with intensity and eroticism. They dream more, in love affairs their heads are in the stars, but at the same time maintain their feet on the ground keeping a sense of reality. Affectionate and seductive, they greatly resist breaking off a love affair. They suffer silently or cry openly with tenderness and delicacy when things don’t work out.

But when separation is inevitable, they tend to assume the family duties with responsibility and pride. In the case of divorce, they are capable of starting over alone or embracing a new companion. Instinctively they know that the important thing is for everyone tolive many happy moments. And so, they also let the ex-husband go on to accomplishing new dreams, which is many times out of the understanding that it is better this way for the kids as well. They are often more tolerant and take better care of their sentiments, they manage to overcome emotional wounds and resentments more easily. Women generally have more generosity in themselves to offer, which certainly contributes to opening more doors in life.

Gradually, especially after gaining the right to vote and then to be voted on, women are engaging in politics and in the struggle for human rights and good public policies. With some sacrifice, like with double and triple journeys, they have opened the gates to the work world and hold their own beside their male colleagues. They hold posts of high responsibility and by the feminine essence, by the integrity of their formation, they demonstrate more honesty. They open their horizons and facilitatethe same for those around them. More and more each day they undertake positions before restricted to men, introducing delicacy and graciousness.

Although they demonstrate a sharper perceptionof a person’s character, they are more credulous and tend to be more trustingtoward people. They know that the sureness that true friends still exist is very important. Today women are more daring and adventurous in all aspects. They demonstrate more audacity in the defense of their sons and daughters throughout their lifespan.

The fact is that women, in various degrees, are teaching us to live more calmly and serene. Other sentiments that they disseminate is that of faith and hope. They grow old more sweetly and many times accept aging with more resignation. And even when they do depart this life they seem to facilitate things for those who stay. They leave peacefully and leave us much longings.

Every year I write a message for the International Women’s Day. This year I dragged myself along a bit, but since every day is a day to honor women, thus is my humble tribute.


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Sebastião Verly - Sociólogo, Cronista, residente em Belo Horizonte - MG.
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  1. las mujeres somos divinas

    • Verly

      São realmente criaturas divinas. Deus fez e rasgou a fórmula. São adoráveis.

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