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Mario Quintana – Quotes Part I

Published by Editor in Mario Quintana
data: 15/10/2020

God, religion, faith

Of The Worlds

God created this world. Man, however,

Turned out to be doubtful, ruminative…

He must not have liked much of what he saw there…

And soon he went on inventing the other world.

The soul is the thing that questions us if the soul really exists.

These priests know of more sins than we do…

But what a fright these old nuns will have if God really does exist…

I don’t get along with priests, critics or little drinking straws: nothing better than the taste of direct communication. I LOVE YOU…!!! HAPPY…!!!LOVE YOU…!!! HAPPY…!!! LOVE YOU!

In heaven it’s always Sunday. And we don’t have anything else to do but listen to unsavory characters ramble on. And it’s even worse there than it is here, because it deals with annoying people from all the different ages of the world.

Wrong Question

Do I believe in God? But what value could my answer have, affirmative or not? What matters is that God believes in me.

Someone told me, in a faltering voice, that now he was indeed convinced of the existence of God because the psychographic works of Humberto de Campos are evidently his own. But this doesn’t prove the existence of God… It only proves the existence of Humberto de Campos.

Leave the Other World in Peace! The Mystery is Here!

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he does not exist.

In this world of so many wonders,

Full of the magic of God,

The most supernatural thing there is,

Are the atheists.


Beauty, enchantment

The great sadness of the rivers is that they cannot carry your image away with them…

Night set ablaze the stars because he was afraid of his own darkness.

You say that beauty is nothing? Imagine a hippopotamus with the soul of an angel … Yes, he could convince others of his angelic qualities –but what a hassle it would be!

The Eternal Wonder: what is it with the moon that every time we look at it we feel the sudden awe we felt the first time?

A loose verse: …moonlight is the light of the sun that is sleeping…

Signup for the fireplace:

Amidst the collapsed logs, we sing the song of flames,

life is a fire: in it we dance, magical salamanders. What do leftover ashes matter if the flame was fine and high!

Clair de lune, chiaro luna, claro de luna, moonlight … never will the French, the Italians, the Spaniards, the englishes and americans really know what the moonlight is, which we drank down in one swig of a word: luar.

Like blind men, everybody yells: ‘Happiness, where are you?’ Or you are walking ahead of us, or you have stayed behind.

Allow yourself to laugh and know other hearts. Learn to live, learn to love people with solidarity; learn to do good things, learn how to help others learn how to live their own life.

What kills a garden is not abandonment. What kills a garden is the look of those indifferent to whomever they pass by… And so it is with life, you kill the dreams that you pretend not to see.

It is not enough to just live a lifetime, it must also be dreamed.

To live is to cherish dreams and hopes, making faith our greatest inspiration. It is to search in the little things a great reason to be happy!

The good thing about rain is that it seems to have no end.

Who can stop the pathways? Or the rivers from singing and running? And the leaves in the wind? And the bird nests? And the poetry? Poetry is as a budding bosom…

That day, the sky was a blue so clear,

my God, that I felt forgiven forever.

I do not even know of what.

I have no walls.

I have only horizons!!

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  1. Regina Machado

    Vou fazer uma apresentação no MAMM( Museu de Arte Murilo Mendes) em Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, sobre o poeta Mario Quintana. Estou precisando de todo subsidio que possam fornecer.
    Aguardo contato pelo e-mail enviado.
    Desde já, obrigada.
    Regina machado.

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