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Karl Marx’s Confession

Published by Editor in Karl Marx
data: 01/08/2011

One day, Jenny and Laura, as a game, asked their father a series of questions, to which the answers are supposed to constitute a sort of “confession”. The questionnaire and Marx’s answers were typed into English and date from 1860-1865. The transcript was published for the first time in Die Neue Zeit, 1913.


Question: The quality that you most appreciate:

Answer: In people, simplicity; in men, strength; in women, weakness.

Q: Your main trait:

A: Singleness of purpose.

Q: Idea of ​​happiness:

A: The fight.

Q: Idea of ​​misery:

A: Submission.

Q: The flaw you pardon most:

A: Trust granted without sufficient reflection.

Q: The vice you hate most:

A: Servility.

Q: Your occupation of choice:

A:  Bookworming.

Q: Favorite poets:

A: Shakespeare, Aeschylus, Goethe.

Q: Favorite prose writer:

A: Diderot.

Q: Your antipathy:

A: Martin Tupper (British colonialist and racist writer).

Q: Your hero:

A: Spartacus (leader of a rebellion by Roman slaves), Kepler (astronomer).

Q: Your heroine:

A: Gretchen (character in the book of Goethe’s Faust)

Q: Favorite flower:

A: Laurel.

Q: Favorite color:

R: Red.

Q: Favorite name:

A: Laura, Jenny.

Q: Your favorite dish:

A: Fish.

Q: Your maxim:

A: Nothing human is alien to me.

Q: Favorite motto:

A: Doubt everything.

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