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Impeccability and the Meaning of Not Having Time

Published by Editor in Castaneda and Don Juan
data: 03/07/2020

Impeccability is nothing more than the appropriate use of energy. My affirmations do not contain one drop of morality. I have economized energy, and in doing so I become impeccable. In order for you to comprehend this, first you have to save up enough energy.

Warriors strategically elaborate lists. They write down everything that they do, then decide which of these things can be changed in a way that allows for a higher storage of energy that is being dispersed. These strategic lists cover only behavioral patterns that are not essential to our survival and well being. One of the main concerns that the warrior has is focusing this energy for the purpose of facing the unknown with it. The act of rechanneling the energy one has is impeccability.

No matter what others around us do or say, you yourself must be an impeccable man. The battle wages right here within us. We need all the time and energy available for us to gain victory over the idiocy inside of us. This is what is important. The rest does not matter. Being an impeccable warrior with bring you vigor, youthfulness and power.

A warrior’s reasons are very simple, but extremely refined. It is a rare opportunity for a warrior to have a genuine chance to be impeccable in the face of all his basic instincts and feelings.

Impeccability, as I have said time and time again is not morality. It merely looks like morality. Impeccability is simply the best use of our levels of energy. Of course, it does demands thriftiness, simplicity, innocence, and above all, it requires a lack of self-image.

All of this may seem like textbook monastic life, but it isn’t. According to the sorcerer, in order to command the spirit, or be it, command the movement of the assemblage point, the individual needs energy. The only thing that really stores up our energy is our impeccability.

A warrior cannot be abandoned, nor confused or frightened under any circumstances. To a warrior, there is only time for his impeccability; everything else drains his power, impeccability renews it.

To be impeccable means to do your absolute best in everything that you undertake. The key to all these questions of impeccability is in the meaning of being without time. According to the rule, when you feel and act as an immortal being who has all the time in the world, you are not impeccable; in this case, you should step back and look around you and them comprehend that your impression of having time is quite idiotic. There are no survivors in such a world!

To see is for impeccable men. Temper your spirit now, turn yourself into a warrior. Learn to see and then you will know that there is no limit to the new worlds, to our vision.

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