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Sexual Energy

Published by Editor in Castaneda and Don Juan
data: 11/12/2019

A Energia Sexual

Awareness develops from the moment of conception. I have always affirmed that sexual energy is something of ultimate importance and it has to be controlled and used with great care. Warriors know that the only real energy we possess is a life-bestowing sexual energy. This knowledge makes the warriors become conscious of their responsibility.

If warriors want to have enough energy to see, they must become misers with their sexual energy. Sexual intercourse is a question of energy. Sex is for bestowing the glow of awareness

Our sexual energy is what governs dreaming. Either you make love with your sexual energy or you dream with it. There is no other way. This is the rule for the dreamers. For the stalkers, it is the opposite.

It is the Eagle’s command that sexual energy be used for creating life. Through the sexual energy, the Eagle bestows awareness. So when sentient beings are engaged in sexual intercourse, the emanations inside their cocoons do their best to bestow awareness to the new sentient being they are creating.

During the sexual act, the emanations encased inside the cocoon of both partners undergo a profound agitation, the culminating point of which is a merging, and a fusing of two pieces of the glow of awareness, one from each partner, that separate from their cocoons.

Sexual intercourse is always a bestowal of awareness even though the bestowal may not be consolidated. The emanations from inside human beings’ cocoons do not know sex for pleasure.

The error of man is to act with total disregard to the mystery of existence, and believe that an act so sublime as bestowing life and awareness is merely a physical impulse which a person can manipulate however he pleases.

Mental balance is nothing more than the fixation of the agglutination point in a place where we are accustomed to. If the dreams make this point move, when dreaming is used to control this natural movement, and sexual energy is necessary to dream, the result is sometimes disastrous when the sexual energy is dissipated in sex rather than dreaming. So the dreamers move their agglutination point erratically, because their sexual energy is not yet balanced.

There is nothing wrong with man’s sensuality. It’s man’s ignorance of and disregard for his magical nature that is wrong. It’s a mistake to waste recklessly the life-bestowing force of sex and not have children, but it’s also a mistake not to know that in having children one taxes the glow of awareness.

Seers have seen that on having a child, the parents’ glow of awareness diminishes and the child’s increases. In some supersensitive, frail parents, the glow of awareness almost disappears. As children enhance their awareness, a big dark spot develops in the luminous cocoon of the parents, on the very place from which the glow was taken away. It is usually on the midsection of the cocoon. Sometimes those spots can even be seen superimposed on the body itself.

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  1. Só quem já “sonhou” sabe que isso é a mais pura verdade. Infelizmente, mas é, mas posso garantir que sonhar consciente é muito melhor que fazer sexo. é incrível essa possibilidade humana, e muitos nem sabem que isso existe realmente, só quando olham p/ mãos é que acreditam. Leiam a arte do sonhar e pratiquem tb.

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