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Change the World

Published by Editor in Castaneda and Don Juan
data: 02/09/2022

There is something inside of a warrior that remains aware of all changes. It is precisely the objective of the warrior to encourage and maintain this awareness always. The warrior cleans, polishes and keeps it going. It’s very important for you to notice. You only notice things when you think you should, the condition of a warrior however is to notice everything at all times.

Look out! A warrior never lowers his defenses. If you continue so happy or unhappy in this way, the rest of the little energy that you have will run out. Be yourself. Doubt everything. Be apprehensive. What you can use as a shield is what matters. A warrior has to use everything he can to close his mortal breach when it is opened. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you like being apprehensive or questioning. Right now it is your only shield.

A warrior dies with great difficultly. His death has to fight if it wants to take him. A warrior does not surrender. There are no flaws in the warrior’s way of being. Follow it and your actions cannot be criticized by anyone.

I’m going to tell you about talking to ourselves. We converse about our own world. Actually, we conserve our world through our own internal conversations. Always when we finish talking to ourselves, the world is as it should be. We renew it and animate it with life, maintaining it with our internal dialogues. Not just that, but we also choose our paths while dialogue with ourselves. This is how we repeat the same choices many times until the day of our death, because we keep repeating the same internal dialogues our whole life, until we die. A warrior knows this and seeks to stop talking. This is the last item that you have to learn if you wish to live as a warrior.

Stopping the Internal Dialog

A warrior knows that the world changes as soon as he stops talking to himself, and should be preparing for this monumental shock. The world is this way and that way, it’s so and so because we say that it is this way. If we stop saying to ourselves that the world is such and so, then the world ceases to be such and so. At this moment, I don’t believe that you are ready for this monumental thump on the head and therefore, you should start undoing the world at a slow pace.

Your problem is that you confuse the world with what people do. In this you are not alone. We all do this. The things that people do are shields against the forces that surround us, what they do as people gives us comfort and makes us feel secure, what people do is very important in itself, but only as a shield. We never learn that the things we do as people are only shields and let them dominate and disrupt our lives. Actually, I would say that, to humanity, what people do is greater and more important than the world itself.

The world is everything that is enclosed here… life, death, people, allies and everything else that surrounds us. The world is incomprehensible. Never will we comprehend it; never will we unveil its secrets. So then, we have to treat it as it is, simply a mystery!

But the common man does not do this. The world is never a mystery to him and when he reaches old age, he is convinced that he doesn’t have anything else to live. An old man did not exhaust the world, he only tired out of what people do. But, in his stupid mix up, believes that the world doesn’t have any more mysteries for him. What a sad price to pay for our shields!

A warrior understands this mix up and learns to treat things accordingly. The things that people do cannot, under any circumstances be more important than the world. And so the warrior treats the world as an unending mystery and what people do as a gigantic craziness.

The new seers claim to be free. And it is liberty that has the most devastating implications. Among them is the implication that warriors live to change the world.


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