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Mário Quintana Quotes III – Love, friendship

Published by Editor in Mario Quintana
data: 19/01/2021

Friendship: when silence between the two doesn’t get uncomfortable.

Love: when silence between the two becomes comfortable.

Between my house and yours, there is a bridge of stars, a bridge of silences.

Love is when we live within each other.

Love is when passion has no other arranged commitment.

Love is only beautiful when we find someone who drives us to become the best we can be.

Over time, you will realize that, in order to be happy, you need to learn to like yourself, to care for yourself and, above all, to like those who also like you.

Try to love me when I least deserve it, because that is when I most need it.

Friendship is a love that never dies!

If you have to forget me, forget me. But do so very slowly.

There are two kinds of boring people: boring people themselves and…

our friends, who are our favorite boring people.

I encourage you to spread the word that love is not banal, and that, although our modern times has distorted its true meaning, it does exist and is the most important ingredient in our lives, our own magic portion of Happiness.

…We have to suffice ourselves… to suffice ourselves always and when we want to be with someone…

I don’t want someone to die of love for me. I just need someone who lives for me, who wants to be with me, hugging me.

We were given two legs to walk, two hands to grasp, two ears to hear, two eyes to see… but why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone so they could find us.

Ah! Many a time will life show us that “the longing of one’s beloved” is far better than her actual presence.

Of the delicacies that life teaches us, the most beautiful is always:

The bonds that form between two souls are also forms of hugging.

That’s how hugs are: heart to heart, all wrapped up in arms.

Boy… I wish your wishes as though they were my wishes…!!!

I Love You Friend………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day we will realize that all women have “hunter” instincts

and can make any man suffer…

I want to always have a smile upon my face,

Even when the given situation is not at all cheerful…

And that this smile of mine may transmit peace

To all those around me.

To love is to move the soul to a new home.

When two people make love

They are not just making love

They are winding the world’s clock


You wish to expose your heart bare.

And thus, hear all the love of another.

Ah, poor friend, you do not yet know

How ridiculous is the love… of another!

Lady, I love you so much

That even for your husband

Do I feel a certain grievance.

People are not in this world to meet our expectations, and we are not here to meet theirs.

The Orange

The orange cut in half,

Damp with love, yearns for another…

It is thusly, thusly do I desire you!

People do not need each other, they complement each other… not because they are halves, but because they are whole, willing to share common goals, joys and life.

Do not cut me into pieces. No one can embrace a piece…

Wrap me all up in your arms and I’ll be the perfect love.

May my hope never seem a NO to me

may we insists on painting it green it and seeing it as a YES.

I want to be able to have the liberty to say what I feel to a person,

to be able to tell someone how very special she is and important to me,

without having to worry about others …

Without running the risk of hurting any one or more persons with that feeling.

I want to one day be able to say to people that nothing was in vain… That love exists, and it’s worth it to give yourself to friendships and to people. That life is beautiful, and that I always gave the best of me… and it was worth it!!!

We are masters of our actions,

but not the masters of our feelings;

We are guilty for what we do,

but we are not to blame for how we feel;

We can promise actions,

but we can’t promise feelings …

Acts are caged birds,

feelings are birds in flight.

A couple of swallows fly through the air, making summer.

And then comes the desire to tear up old letters,

old poems, old letters received.

The will to change skins, on the outside and on the inside…

The will to… why this modesty of certain words?

…simply the will to love.

I wish I could believe that you are not so unattainable, as is the sun, and yes, that you would come into my life, shining and warming my heart…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was given one day, another opportunity, I wouldn’t even look at the clock.

I would go straight ahead always, tossing along the way the golden and useless shell of the hours…

I would hold tight the love that is before me and I would say that I love it…

And there’s more: Don’t avoid doing something you like due to lack of time.

Don’t avoid having people by your side for fear of being happy.

The only thing lacking will be that time which, unfortunately, will never come back.

Give me this opportunity and you’ll see that its expectations will not be disappointed….!!!!!

Kisses…!! Hugs…!!! Smell… HHHUUUMMM…!!!

I just wanted To Be Sure…. Always…

That You Have Me In Your Heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over time, you will realize that,

to be happy with another person you need,

firstly, to not need them…

Learn to like you,

to take care of you, and primarily,

to like those who also like you.

The secret is to not chase the butterflies…

It is to care for the garden

so that they may come to you.

In the end, you will find

not who you were looking for…

but who was looking for you!

Of friendship between women

They say they’re friends… They kiss … But wait!

Who would believe such a thing!

Unless one of the two, incidentally,

Is either very old, or very ugly…

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