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Citations from Carlos Castaneda – Quotes by Don Juan Matus

Published by Editor in Castaneda and Don Juan
data: 18/12/2018

The basic difference between a common man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while a common man takes everything either as a blessing or a punishment.

The most effective way is to live is as a warrior. A warrior can worry about and ponder before making a decision, however, once made, continues on his way, free of worries and thoughts, knowing that there will be a thousand other decisions awaiting him. Thus is the way of the warrior.

All that is needed is impeccability, energy, and this is initiated with one single act which must be deliberate, precise and constant. If this act is repeated for long enough the person acquires a feeling of unbending intent which can be applied to anything else. If this is achieved, the way is opened. One thing leads to the next until the warrior discovers his full potential.

The warriors do not assist each other, they do not have compassion for anyone. To them, to have compassion means to wish the others to be like you, and you help for this reason alone. The most difficult thing in the world is for a warrior to leave the others in peace. The warrior’s impeccability is to leave the others as they are, and support them in whatever they are. This means, naturally, that you trust that they will also be impeccable warriors.

Be alert at all times. Do not allow anything or anyone to decide for you.

A warrior is a hunter. He calculates everything. This is control. But, once he has finished his calculations, he acts, surrendering himself. This is abandon. A warrior is not a leaf at the mercy of the wind. No one can push him; no one can force him to do things against himself or against what he thinks is right. A warrior is prepared to survive, and he survives in the best possible way.

I do not need struts or handrails. I know who I am. I am alone in a hostel universe and I have learned to say: so be it!

A warrior’s self-confidence is not the self confidence of a common man. The common man seeks sureness in the eyes of the observer and calls this self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls this humility. The common man is trapped to his fellow men, while the warrior is only trapped to the infinite.

You must cultivate the idea that warrior needs nothing. You say you need help. Help for what? You have everything that is needed for the extravagant journey that is your life.


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  1. Laís

    Simplesmente Incrivel.

  2. fabulosa narracion……. solo un gran hombre puede escribir estos relatos ……….

  3. carlos

    espiritu grande, espiritu de verdad, gracias por estos mensajes

  4. Goa

    Amazings words

  5. Rubempré

    Trata-se de um Paulo Coelho cucaracho. Para nós, já basta o que temos.

  6. SergiuS

    Castaneda mostrou que o mundo tem algo mais que a pequena casca que estamos a tentar arranhar. E esse algo é inconcebivelmente maior. Por esse desconhecimento do mundo é que sempre estamos tentando furar paredes de aço com palitos de dentes.

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