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Carnivalesque Parades Occupy Belo Horizonte
Data da publicação: 19/02/2020

Until the early ’60s, it was one hell of a scene the entire week preluding carnival, with all the caricatos coming in from the nearby villages and town quarters, comprised mainly of men dressed as women. During the three-day-long carnival, sparse parade blocks roam the city and colorful parties concentrate in clubs and company quarters. The Bank Workers Union was one point of excitement for its e...

grito de carnaval


Grito de carnaval
Data da publicação: 18/02/2020

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Feiticeiros, Xamãs e Guerreiros

Castaneda and Don Juan

(Português) Feiticeiros, Xamãs e Guerreir...
Data da publicação: 13/02/2020

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história do carnaval parte 1

Chronicles, Cultural Chronicles

História do Carnaval – parte I
Data da publicação: 11/02/2020

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Viagem sem rumo


Viagem sem rumo
Data da publicação: 04/02/2020

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Phrases, Quotes and Verses, Nelson Rodrigues

Nelson Rodrigues Quotes – Part VI – Wis...
Data da publicação: 31/01/2020

Wisdom The problem with getting slapped on the face isn’t the slap, it’s the sound it makes. Don’t be in a hurry to forgive. Mercy also corrupts. Only the enemy never betrays. I started being afraid of other people. I learned that our solitude is born of human coexistence. The only reason we are not on all fours, roaring in the woods, is because the feeling of guilt saves us. Between the psychoan...