Casarão do Velho da Taipa, Estátua do Bandeirante e Capela da Penha

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Pitangui, Cidade Presépio
Data da publicação: 18/05/2022

Segundo os historiadores, Pitangui foi o mais importante centro agrícola-comercial mineiro, com destaque para a pecuária, no Ciclo do Ouro, fim dos anos 1700 e início dos anos 1800. Cortando um trecho do bairro da Penha, pode-se chegar a uma outra “Estrada Real”, que ligava a Vila até Paracatu e daí a Goiás Velho, a “Picada de Goiás”, por aí passavam as mercadorias, nos anos 1700–1800...


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XIX – Flashes In Between Rounds of Card G...
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  As I tell of my arrival in Pinel, I still find myself being held captive in this sympathetic mental health clinic, amidst Sandras, Valérias, Daniéis, Moniques, Fernandas and many other travel companions. They come and go. I myself have been let out on the outside and have come back, and I have no idea when I’ll ever get out again. The only thing left for me is to write, it is the only way to...


Castaneda and Don Juan

The Second Attention: the Unknown
Data da publicação: 17/05/2022

Another larger portion of our attention, the second attention, is the awareness we need in order to perceive our luminous cocoon and to act as luminous beings. The second attention remains as a backdrop throughout our entire lives, or is brought forth through deliberate training or by an accidental trauma. The battlefield of warriors is the second attention, which is something like a training ground fo...

Velho da Taipa1

Cultural Chronicles, History

(Português) O Velho da Taipa, desbravador ...
Data da publicação: 13/05/2022

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XVIII – The Revolutionary Potential of Ma...
Data da publicação: 12/05/2022

Pass out,wake up. Turn on, turn off. Remember and forget. To remember is to forget. I’ve been in this dialectic ever since I was first admitted in that mental health clinic, Santa Maria. Drugged on antipsychotics and heavy tranquilizers, it was on this loose tightrope that I would live from there on. This is how I stitched together my memories and my forgotten memories, my feelings and my desires, my...

costumes antigos

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Costumes antigos
Data da publicação: 05/05/2022

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Pitangui, a Revolta da Cachaça – parte II

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(Português) Pitangui, a Revolta da Cachaç...
Data da publicação: 26/04/2022

(continua na parte III)

A torre


(Português) A torre
Data da publicação: 25/04/2022