Castaneda and Don Juan

The Glow of Awareness
Data da publicação: 22/01/2021

The new seers, imbued with practicality, were able to see a flux of emanations and to see how man and other living beings utilize them to construct their perceivable world Normally the glow of awareness is seen on the surface of the cocoon of all sentient beings. After man develops attention, however, the glow of awareness acquires depth. In other words, it is transmitted from the surface of the cocoon...


Special Dates, Memories

The Saint Sebastian Festival in Pompéu, Me...
Data da publicação: 20/01/2021

Back when I was a young child and adolescent, sometime around 1948 to 1960, the best fun you could get in my old hometown, especially for the poor, were at the religious festivals. The religious festivals were festivals for the poor, where no distinctions were made regarding social class. After the Three Kings Festival went by, reaching its peak on the 6th of January, we anxiously awaited the glorious ...


Mario Quintana

Mário Quintana Quotes III – Love, friend...
Data da publicação: 19/01/2021

Friendship: when silence between the two doesn’t get uncomfortable. Love: when silence between the two becomes comfortable. Between my house and yours, there is a bridge of stars, a bridge of silences. Love is when we live within each other. Love is when passion has no other arranged commitment. Love is only beautiful when we find someone who drives us to become the best we can be. Over time, you wil...

aprendendo a jogar

Memories, Psychology, Psychiatry, Shamanism

XIV – Living and Learning to Play
Data da publicação: 18/01/2021

Daniel, my captivating friend who was here with me just now, doesn’t speak. Wizened, listens, throws his head back and laughs regularly. His diagnosis by the men in white is autism, I think. I consider him to be brilliant. He doesn’t say so, but he keenly listens to everything in his vicinity and picks up on the energy of whoever is around him, often laughing an ironic but wise laugh. They say we w...


Special Dates

Folia de Reis in my memory
Data da publicação: 06/01/2021

In our small town of Pompéu, when I was a child, around 1950, from the 24th of December, Christmas Eve, to the 6th of January, or King’s day, there was always a group of folias, revelers, singers and instrumentalists who roamed from one location to another on long walks, chanting or sometimes disenchanting verses relative to the Three Wise Kings’visit to Baby Jesus. It reflects a profane-religious...

Poema de ano novo


Poema de ano novo
Data da publicação: 05/01/2021

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Novo ano velho


Novo ano velho
Data da publicação: 31/12/2020

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A ciência tenebrosa

Cultural Chronicles, Religion

A ciência tenebrosa
Data da publicação: 30/12/2020

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