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Brasil, a culpa é de quem?

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 25/04/2016

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The Brazilian Autumn – Part 3 – The social, cultural and ecological revolution

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 09/07/2013

The Workers Party (PT) federal government, which now completes its tenth year, proudly announces the social rise of the poor population owing to large-scale provisions of grants, jobs and loans, thus providing greater access to consumer goods. The good side of this is that the previous government upheld policies which did not allow for such an upsurge while perpetuating an absurd degree of social inequality. The downside is th...

The Brazilian Autumn – Part 2 – Political Revolution

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 28/06/2013

In the previous article I raised a few questions. Among them was: what is this movement all about? It is the insurgency of the indignant against the current political system and its many aberrant flaws. What is the current political system based on? On municipal, state and federal elections which take place every four years, where every citizen over sixteen years old has the right to vote and those over eighteen have the duty ...

The Brazilian Autumn – Part 1 – The New Paradigm

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 20/06/2013

Hi, nice to meet you! I’m the NEW PARADIGM. I know, a lot of people, especially from older generations, are jaw dropped asking themselves, “what is this? Who’s the leader here? What do these protestors want? Many young people like myself are ecstatic and feel like they have voice and the power to transform. Yes! THE NEW PARADIGM is brought forth mainly by the new generation according to the natural law of time. Clearly, ...

Belo Horizonte: Where is it coming to?

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 07/05/2012

  Nowadays in the big cities, despite offering a wide variety of just about everything in the way of information, services, crafts, cuisine, among others, they also represent traffic jams, noise, polluted air, high temperatures, floods, insecurity, environmental degradation and visual pollution. To sum it all up; chaos that generates a disease all too common in today’s world: stress. According to Lana Cavalcanti, cities...

Ayurvedic Nutrition – Interview with Dr. Carlos Guimarães about his trajectory and his next book

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 29/03/2012

Carlos Eduardo Guimarães is a doctor, an herbalist, a musician, and a painter. Born in Belo Horizonte, he is 58 years-old. He is renowned in the fields of acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine. His book is soon to be released about diet, of which he is very excited to talk about.    Tell us a little about your trajectory as a doctor My initial training was as a general practitioner, I worked many years in a town near Belo Hori...

(Português) Comitê Mineiro Cúpula dos povos na RIO+20 por justiça social e ambiental

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 15/03/2012

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Interview: Gabriel Guedes

Publicado por Nádia Campos
Data da publicação: 07/03/2012

Gabriel Guedes is a musician, an aviation pilot and a Luthier as well. Son of musician Beto Guedes. He has a passion for aviation, started out making airplane models and today he crafts guitars and bandolins. In 2004 he recorded an album interpreting ‘chorinhos’ music from his grandfather Godofredo Guedes, Choros de Godofredo. At the moment, he is in the process of launching his second album, now of his authorship. How did...