Nelson Rodrigues

Nelson Rodrigues Quotes – Part VI – Wisdom

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Data da publicação: 31/01/2020

Wisdom The problem with getting slapped on the face isn’t the slap, it’s the sound it makes. Don’t be in a hurry to forgive. Mercy also corrupts. Only the enemy never betrays. I started being afraid of other people. I learned that our solitude is born of human coexistence. The only reason we are not on all fours, roaring in the woods, is because the feeling of guilt saves us. Between the psychoanalyst and the mental pati...

Nelson Rodrigues Quotes – Part V – Virtues, Nostalgia

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Data da publicação: 20/12/2019

  Virtues It is wise to not bait good people; it is wise to not provoke the pure of heart. In every human being, even the best of them, there lies a series of dormant ferocities. It’s important to remember to not rouse them. I’m a naturally born poor man, and I repeat: a poor man by vocation. To this day, luxury, ostentation, jewels, only confuse and offend me. Men were not born to be great. The minimum of magnitude is de...

Nelson Rodrigues Quotes IV – Politics and Soccer

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Data da publicação: 20/11/2019

Politics I deny the belief that a politician, even the sweetest politician, possesses any moral sense. Today, people prefer that you cuss their mother out rather than call them a reactionary. I am a reactionary. My reaction is against everything that’s not worth a damn. In many cases, to be angry about underdevelopment is professional. Some die of starvation, others live off of it, in generous abundance. In the old days, sil...

Nelson Rodrigues Quotes III – Love, Passion and Sex

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Data da publicação: 28/10/2019

  If we were all familiar with each other’s sexual intimacies, we would stop greeting each other. Men begin to die at their first sexual experience. Every timid person is a candidate for a sex crime. The skinny should only make love while dressed, and never with the lights on. Those who have never wished to die with their beloved have never loved at all, nor know what it is to love. Every normal person is randy when they’...

Nelson Rodrigues Quotes – Part 2 – Marriage, women

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Data da publicação: 04/10/2019

  Marriage Marriage is not to blame for anything. We are the ones to blame for everything. The husband shouldn’t be the last to know. The husband should never know. In a marriage, importance should not be put on the wife, but on the mother in-law. A wife is bound to repeat the qualities and flaws of her own mother. Distrust the lovable, cordial and gentle wife.  Such virtue is sad, sour and neurasthenic. …Man desires...

Nelson Rodrigues – Quotes 1 – The Brazilian, The Artist

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Data da publicação: 09/07/2019

The Brazilian What gets in the Brazilian’s way is the Brazilian himself. What a formidable Brazil it would be if Brazilians liked other Brazilians. Our fiction is blind to the national lust. For example: you will not find in the work of Guimarães Rosa, not one sexual plundering. The Brazilian goodness is deteriorating. Every fifteen minutes that goes by increases the wear and tear of our gracefulness. The worst kind of lone...