Mario Quintana

Mario Quintana – Quotes VII – Irony, good humor

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Data da publicação: 18/08/2022

Newly created anecdotes are a great comfort to the old ones…   I confess that to this day I know of only two synonyms that are perfect: ‘never’ and ‘always’. She was white, white. A whiteness that no one has anymore, but her soul was shimmery. Anxiety is when there are always more minutes to go before whatever you want to happen happens. Alarm clocks are traffic accidents to our sleep. Silence is...

Mário Quintana Quotes VI – Time, Old Age, Death

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Data da publicação: 15/06/2022

  Blessed is he who invented the neat little ruse that is the calendar, because the good thing about Monday, the 1st of the month and every New Year is that it gives us the impression that life doesn’t continue, that it just starts all over again… What would become of us if the little piece of paper marked 713,789 of the Christian era? I threw myself, metaphorically speaking, through the window of the three hundred an...

Mario Quintana Quotes V – Wisdom

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Data da publicação: 21/05/2021

  Do not hold on too tightly, squeeze, or smother because once you tie a knot, it will not be a bond anymore. Modesty is vanity hidden behind the backdoor. I want a map of the clouds and a very sluggish boat. The longing that hurts the deepest and most irremediably is the longing of ourselves. Eternal is everything that lasts a fraction of a second, but with such intensity that it petrifies, and no force will ever recover...

Mário Quintana Quotes IV – Life, happiness, pleasure

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Data da publicação: 03/03/2021

I never let my hopes be shattered by pessimistic words. The longing of one’s beloved” is far better than her actual presence. It is not enough to just live a lifetime, it must also be dreamed. To live is to cherish dreams and hopes, making faith our greatest inspiration. It is to search in the little things for a great reason to be happy! To know the mystery of the body is perhaps more important than knowing the mystery of...

Mário Quintana Quotes III – Love, friendship

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Data da publicação: 19/01/2021

Friendship: when silence between the two doesn’t get uncomfortable. Love: when silence between the two becomes comfortable. Between my house and yours, there is a bridge of stars, a bridge of silences. Love is when we live within each other. Love is when passion has no other arranged commitment. Love is only beautiful when we find someone who drives us to become the best we can be. Over time, you will realize that, in order ...

Mário Quintana quotes – Part II – Poetry, Literature

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Data da publicação: 16/12/2020

True verses are not meant to enthrall, but to appall… Concurrency -I love the world! I loathe the world! I believe in God! God is absurd! I’ll kill myself! I want to live! -Are you nuts? -No, I’m a poet.  The phrase hurts slightly… And is forgotten… Nothing will come of it repeated… Only in loving tones pleases The same thing one hundred thousand times said. Reading -You still haven’t read The Me...

Mario Quintana – Quotes Part I

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Data da publicação: 15/10/2020

God, religion, faith Of The Worlds God created this world. Man, however, Turned out to be doubtful, ruminative… He must not have liked much of what he saw there… And soon he went on inventing the other world. The soul is the thing that questions us if the soul really exists. These priests know of more sins than we do… But what a fright these old nuns will have if God really does exist… I don’t get alo...

Mário Quintana Quotes – Part VIII

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Data da publicação: 16/04/2013

Daydreams, reflections The Self Portrait In the portrait that I make of myself – line by line – Sometimes I paint myself as a cloud, Sometimes I paint myself as a tree Sometimes I paint myself as things That there are no more memories of… Or things that do not exist But that one day will… And, chugging along, I seek – little by little – My eternal semblance, In the end, what will be left? A child’s drawling… Fi...