Give Life to Design

Publicado por Christian Vitorino
Data da publicação: 19/11/2015

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The Bolsa Familia Program: An Unpostponable Debate

Publicado por Denise Paiva
Data da publicação: 21/02/2014

  At a moment when the floodgates for the election process and political debates of 2014 are being opened, Brazilian society clamors for the creation of new politics and an effective and responsible commitment with the country’s development, summarized by the newly popular slogan “We want more because we can do more!” We must transcend the bias, crystalized overtime, that Bolsa Familia, Brazil’s family welfare system,...

What would Henry Ford do?

Publicado por Sebastião Verly
Data da publicação: 22/01/2014

Henry Ford (1863-1947), creator of the automobile industry’s assembly line, masterminded the mass market for cars. Initially his goal was to lower the price of cars to make them affordable for his workforce. The industry would then generate both employment and consumption for its products. The touchstone of capitalism is the accumulation of capital fueled by profit, and in order to increase profit, consumption must be increa...

The Apartheid Rooted in Middle Class

Publicado por Lucas Moreira Campos
Data da publicação: 08/11/2011

After the colonial occupation of the Americas, the Brazilian population became formed by the European settlers, the indigenous peoples who already lived in the area and by the slaves brought in from Africa by the settlers. All this has made the ethnic admixture an important factor in Brazil, both socially and culturally. Such phenomena consequentially created a foremost icon in Brazil which is its social stratification. It’s...

Community’s Awareness and Peace Culture

Publicado por Sebastião Verly
Data da publicação: 12/09/2011

In those days, the theme ‘community’ was rarely discussed or brought into debate in public, and in the universities existed only a superficial compilation of research on the subject organized by sociologist Fernando Henrique Cardoso. While in the motion pictures there was the landmark film Burn! In the film, Gillo Pontecorvo, in an also rare moment of happiness, took us through an imaginary experience on the screen, consec...

Karl Marx, On Work

Publicado por Editor
Data da publicação: 05/09/2011

To a hungry man there is no humane form of food, only its abstract characteristic as food. It could just as well be in a more rudimentary form, and it is impossible to say in what manner this act of feeding would differ from that of animals. A needy man, full of worries, is incapable of admiring even the most beautiful of marvels. Our assumption of work characterizes it as uniquely human. A spider conducts operations that rese...

Lançamento do livro Trabalho e Sociedade em BH

Publicado por Editor
Data da publicação: 18/11/2009

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(Português) A classe operária vai ao paraíso

Publicado por Sebastião Verly
Data da publicação: 22/09/2009

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