VII – Never Ending Trip

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 02/04/2020

For you to understand me, I should explain who Haldol is. It is Haldol that has prevented me from continuing to tell you what happened. Haldol is an anti-psychotic medication used to control agitation, aggressiveness and other maniacal states of human beings. This is the medical-drug industry’s explanation. I say to you that Haldol is the medication used by those who don’t support the truths brought out by those who they c...

VI – Tempting Madness and its Delicious Sensations of Power

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 03/03/2020

It’s night fall at the Festival Juiz de Fora. After my outburst of rage and all the agitation quelled down, from what I remember there was a moment of reconciliation. I remember going backstage and talking to the drag queen for a moment, without her makeup. I saw that I knew him, the man behind the drag, and that we had talked earlier before his makeover… I don’t really know what was said, I just know that everything cal...

V – Fragments of Lucidness

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 10/01/2020

I woke up. This time I knew very well where I was… inside that clinic… As much as they tried the meds couldn’t get the better of me, I was the lord of me, even though the doctors kept saying the contrary. Pardon the interruption, let’s get back to Juiz de Fora. Yes, I was treated very warmly there and I got along with the diversity, a delightful diversity of harmonious differences. And my mind opened… I thought of Sa...

IV – Before the Next Injection

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 16/12/2019

I left Rio and was arriving in Juiz de Fora, another delightful city that had won me over. Our history, mine and that city, was recent but intense nonetheless. This place is a piece of Rio, as the mineiros, term used for people from the state of Minas Gerais, say, maybe that’s why I like it so much. This time, not even the scars left on me from my stay could keep me away from there. For as much as I don’t return there freq...

III – Whole Heart, Confused Mind

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 30/10/2019

On my return to Rio, I rode a ferryboat and then the subway to reach Botafogo.  It’s interesting how past and modernity coexist together. Rio is the city of antithesis, socially, culturally, economically and technologically. Both the old ferryboat and the subway were very useful to me and I speedily arrived at my destination. Then right away I was presented with a picturesque scene. A fairly old fellow with a very young hea...

II – The Meanders of Remembrance

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 18/10/2019

By the time I was 23 I had already graduated in history the year before and was working on my master’s degree. It was exactly this master’s degree that led me to taking the trip to Rio de Janeiro. At the time I also worked in a research project for the university and so, tallying my research interests with the needs of this project, I decided to go to Rio de Janeiro. This city has always captivated me. It is ambiguous and ...

I – Disjointed Memories

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 27/09/2019

I woke up not knowing where I was. In fact, I realized that I had not been conscious of myself for some time. Some fleeting, disconnected memories, nothing to help me understand what had happened. I was in a room with two empty beds. I slept on a mattress on the floor beside the two beds. There was a bathroom, a closet. Surely I was not in a prison or a hospital. Little did I know that it was a cross between. I saw that the te...

Por uma subjetividade erótica – parte III

Publicado por Bill Braga
Data da publicação: 14/06/2018

Esses novos seres que o guru preconizava, ou profetizava, se sintetizariam na ideia de Zorba, O Buda. Esses seriam seres que conjugariam as duas dimensões essenciais da existência humana: uma terrena, mundana, de prazeres e gozos, hedonista diríamos, o lado Zorba, inspirado no personagem Zorba o Grego. Do outro lado sua natureza búdica, que se manifesta na contemplação e meditação, comungam com o Universo e transcenden...